Thursday, September 17, 2009


Mary Travers (1936-2009)

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  1. Some of the first songs I learned in elementary school back in the 1960s were Peter, Paul, and Mary songs: Lemon Tree, Puff the Magic Dragon, Stewball, Where Have All the Flowers Gone, and Dylan's Blowing in the Wind. When I was on the verge of my teen-aged years, my piano teacher leant me and my sister some Peter, Paul, and Mary lps. We listened to them all the time. Those harmonies, the power of the lyrics, their simple wisdom. Wish we had more of that today.

  2. People couldn't know, much less imagine, the influence these 3 had on adolescent contemporaries, who did go on to ride buses against the monsters, who did go on to haul the war home, who did go on to stand up at Stonewall, and who did go on to shine, Mr Brokaw, as the true heir of the generation which preceded them. And this history will be told, if never admitted in the lifetime of Rupert Murdoch, if he has anything to say about it.

    But I stray. In those days, because of them, the instrument of fashion was not a pacifying earphone, it was a guitar.


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