Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Great Mandala

When people think the world of you, be careful with them.
-- Margaret Cho

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  1. Glen, there you go again; not that I'm not glad that you do. But you and I are going to loiter in the essay on illumination here, because we are fascinated ("excited" will do, I agree) by the effect of lighting one pec differently than the other. As, may I digress, we all might. We appreciate very much, how the contrasting modeling of the screamplinth of munchulent amazement affords us so palpably, two courses rather than one; then, too, in their capacity as fuckpads of infinite rest, their soothing welcome is quite vibrantly variegated by the light. And so it goes, does it not, Glen: molds to meet our modalities, endlessly recombinant and scarcely ever, ever exhausted. Hence, as you anticipate, "GREAT." I think I have to agree.


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