Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hey conservatives: Karma is a bitch!

Some asshole calling himself Hunter Milstead tried to post this comment to this blog:

"Suppose they came for the Conservatives? You would be as quiet as Helen Keller on Valium"

That sort of toxic outlook, that sort of repulsive attitude, is precisely why conservatives in the United States will eventually wind up as losers, as dinosaurs, in an increasingly diverse nation. Let's see them just try spewing more of this destructive venom to Millennials and to larger and larger populations of minorities -- who vote -- in the United States.

Here is how Jon Stewart brilliantly sums up the disgusting destructiveness of conservatives in the United States:

By the way --

This "Hunter Milstead" is probably the same jerk who tried to make this comment after the mid-term elections last Fall:

"No post about the election results? No snarky little cartoons? You certainly didn't hesitate to mouth-off 2 years ago. In 2012 when Obama and his merry band of socialists bought re-election with entitlements and freebies you posted this long rambling tedious idiotic diatribe about the demise of the Republican Party. Clearly you spoke too soon. Clearly the Republicans are alive and well. They now control the U.S. Senate and have their biggest majority in the House Of Representatives in 80 years. They also now control a majority of state legislatures and 31 of 50 Governer's seats. You smug pompous arrogant obnoxious elitist liberal punks just got the shit beaten out of you! You see all that red on the map now? That's the blood from your busted faces!"

There you go! It's this sort of worldview, this sort of hate-filled evil -- this silly, delusional, destructive stupidity -- that will bring U.S. conservatives to their own demise.

Those (gerrymandered) majorities, by the way, sure aren't doing the Republicans any good so far. And you say that liberals were "beaten" in last Fall's elections? Well, it sure doesn't look that way! More delusion in the conservative echo chamber.

It's just a matter of time before conservatives truly meet their demise in this nation. And we must do everything we can to hasten that day.

(This guy sounds just like Rush Limbaugh. I wouldn't be surprised if the hypocritical addict Limbaugh regularly visits this blog so that he can jack-off by looking at men.)