Thursday, July 26, 2012


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  1. It was all -- all -- about tossing a bone to revolutionary ideology against a standing army. The federal union would have one, and this was a radical achievement in nation-building in the U.S. Constitution. So Madison gave reluctant Loopies the hoary right to raise a Militia. Down here, we know Mr Madison. Mr Madison was our neighbour. These assholes are not Mr Madison.

  2. I used this cartoon as well, linking back to this blog, and did a post on gun control in the US vs Oz. I mention that we have less than 1 murder from all causes a day, whereas the US, 14 times as populous, has 96 a day from guns alone.

  3. If our founding fathers could have seen Aurora , Columbine , Ft. Hood , VA Tech etc they would have second thoughts about the whole thing .


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