Tuesday, June 5, 2012


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  1. Wrestle material!!

  2. Wow! Fantastic boobs!!!

  3. OH YES he is sweaty perfect

  4. Awesome meaty arms and pecs; taut abs and cute hairy face to boot.

  5. Excuse me, Steve, in America what is the meaning of "to boot"??? Do you want to kick him in his face??!!!?? I think his face is too cute! If you enlarge the pic, eyes are beautiful too.
    Mr Slabber, could we please have some other pics of him? Thank you very much in advance, even if you never answer!
    An Italian who was brought up and educated in an English speaking country.

  6. Italian Guy, in America "to boot" means "and in addtion to all that" or "the icing on the cake." Not sure of its derivation.

    Now, does anyone know this model's NAME??


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