Sunday, May 6, 2012

Truffes au chocolat

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  1. Vraiment, mon ami, tu me facines ... tu es franophone? Si non, tu es francophone au coeur (désolé, les ligatures ne se font pas sur mon clavier).


  2. A short story: The year 2012 will be remembered as the starting point of the wave of obesity among gay men. The Slabber, a onetime superhero turned archfiend, decided to reduce the competition for the attentions of well-built trim young men. On his popular blog, he began inserting images of calorie-laden foods among the pictures of the delicacies for which his site is justly famous. This caused his legions of fans to associate desire with food. Every time they saw a handsome young man they had an urge to eat, preferably gooey desserts. The resulting expansion in waistlines made them less appealing to the objects of their desires, causing them to eat even more to compensate for their disappointment. Having thus cut down on the numbers of competitors for the attentions of handsome young men, the diabolical Slabber was even more sexually successful.

  3. Yes, indeed, you are both correct.


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