Friday, March 23, 2012

Golden fog

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  1. There are times I miss that.....but then I think of the cold winds, constant overcast and the high prices of real estate....

  2. San Francisco is both a place and a state of mind. After many years living there, both Downtown on a 16th floor apartment with a view up Market Street to The Ferry Building as well as on Potrero Hill looking out on The Mission and The Twin Peaks Tower, it's a place I'm constantly revisiting in my dreams. I've been over most of the globe and lived all over The USA and no other place on earth can compare - except Paris. The fortunate live and experience 'The City' for at least some part of their lives. - Montana Cowboy

  3. Montana Cowboy, how can you possibly compare anonymous American cities without ANY history with European cities full of beauty, history and culture? And I think San Francisco has appalling weather! Better live in LA then!


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