Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Committee to Re-elect, part 6

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  1. V well selected. Could I add, please, that the figure in the second photo could just as easily have been named McDonnell, Virginia's Governor, who is openly running for vice president as the palatable Santorum, and is about to sign legislation compelling -- compelling, mind you -- ultrasound imaging of a foetus on the eve of its termination, literally as "the woman's right [sic] to the relevant information." Cher Slab, if we were not discussing real women suffering real subjugation and intimidation, we could marvel at the Orwellian synch of the Right's rhetoric and its repressions. And may I repeat, this is ostensibly "Santorum Lite."

  2. Are you Americans still at this level of religious fundamentalism? My God, we're much better off here in Europe!

  3. Actually Santorum is right about the "global warming" hysteria.

    And was to the ultrasound requirement, why NOT require that a woman realize just what it is that she is about to destroy? If it's merely a "blob of protoplasm" as the abortionists tell us, then it shouldn't bother her. If it looks somewhat more like a baby, then she may change her mind. But at least she should be fully informed.

    Women who abort have nearly double the risk of suicide. As time goes on they tend to realize they tend to realize what it was that they snuffed out.

    1. If you don't want an abortion then don't have one. It's none if your business what a woman does with her body. Once the "blob of protoplasm" reaches 18 years old it goes off to Iraq and Afghanistan and maims and kills people and when it comes home is called a "hero" and thanked for it's "service". See you at the next anti war rally (not).

  4. Santorum is a homophobic A hole and whatever comes out of his mouth should be largely dismissed. I suppose that the melting of the glaciers and ice caps is really hysteria and we should bury our heads in the sand.


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