Thursday, January 5, 2012

God talks!

It's certainly wonderful to know that God talks to Pat Robertson. Perhaps God will also part the waters
and lead Pat to a psychiatrist before this lunatic finally kicks the bucket.


  1. What a big bag of gas - Does anybody even think this senile piece of crap is even sane !

  2. A true Christian would share that knowledge and not
    keep it a secret.

    BTW, Jerry Falwell's been dead more than 4 1/2 years
    and I don't hear people missing him.

    The phrase "goodbye to bad rubbish" springs to mind.

  3. Sorry to seem smug on this side of the Atlantic, but only in America...............

  4. He says that God talked to him, told him the outcome of the Presidency (which Robertson thinks best to keep to himself) and that he,(Robertson) would go over 'SOME' of the things God said to him. So, Robertson is editing God? And it's laughable to think of God doing a 'True/False' test, something I haven't done since the 6th grade. It must be comforting for some to know that God answers on a lined legal-pad. - Montana Cowboy

  5. OY! I forgot something. I'd like to think that God would be savvy enough to at least consider switching to HBO. I mean, with those Demographics and eventual streaming on Netflix, he'd be out of his mind not to! - Montana Cowboy


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