Wednesday, December 7, 2011


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  1. With tongue firmly in cheek, I'll say 'Amen!' to all that. The humor here is the best thing I've read all day; I'm going to re-read this until memorized and repeat it as often as I find opportunities to do so. THANKS! - Montana Cowboy

  2. What makes this quite a bit less than devastating is that many, perhaps most, Christians do know the history of Christmas. Meanwhile the prooftext on offer, Jer. 10:1-8, speaks about the manufacture of idols, not home decor; do you know anyone who mistakes a Christmas tree for God?

  3. "Most Christians know the history of Xmas." Really? A recent article about Athiests showed that they knew more about people, events, and places in The Bible than Christians. But feel free to retain your images of your blue-eyed, blonde Jesus. - Montana Cowboy


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