Monday, January 3, 2011


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  1. You're a strange bird. You obviously have excellent taste in male beauty, and your photo choices imply that you appreciate the hard work required for excellence. Yet your political philosophy suggests quite the opposite. Given that you ascribe to the leftist point-of-view, these men are too rich in beauty as other men are too rich in money. Forcing their equality would greatly reduce the quantity and quality which competition fosters, yet Leftists persist in punishing excellence by burdening them unfairly with dependents, who have been convinced to demand support by virtue of their failure. If your beautiful men were forced to pay a tax in hours of time given to the fat and indolent, they'd soon desist, leaving only the rule-makers who flaunt their non-compliance to their own rules.
    I appreciate your good taste. Could you please leave the politics out?

  2. To "D": I deeply dislike and resent your comments, which I consider to be a deplorable specimen of ignorance and folly. This conclusion is reinforced when reading the content of your own blog, which is massively misinformed. I would write more here, but your comments are truly not worthy of further attention, and I would only insult you by pointing out the overwhelming hypocrisy involved in your visiting The Slab in the first place. And -- no, I will not leave out the politics. Ever. Your politicization of the idea of beauty is so completely in error that it could give some people apoplexy.

  3. In Europe, when we read certain comments like Mr. D's, we really remain peeved and astonished that certain Americans may reason like that. Here we have completely different ideas, and I think that European society works much better than American society does. On the whole, we are much better off. And we don't need to go to war to defend our economy.


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