Tuesday, January 18, 2011

U.S. 101

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  1. A brilliant piece of architecture and a redundantly fatal bit of construction. Proceeding north as we are, we'll discover that the spectacular perspective is awaiting us on the return trip, even ignoring the view outside of the bridge. The towers come into view before we see the roadway, and we descend deeper to meet it than we imagine, whereas we've been climbing to drive north. It is by this procession that the verticality of the enclosure is best appreciated, as an enclosure; not to make too much of it or too little, it's the way the Gothic would work if you could rappel into it from a spire. If you have the top down, and the fog lighting is on at night - as many readers must know - it is all rather clarifying. You ARE where you want to be, and it only gets better.


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