Thursday, December 2, 2010

Destructive conservatives

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  1. BOTH outstanding, but there's something in Ed Stein's extortion note which I think cuts straight to the bone. These people are scarcely people, and of course "we need to watch" that impression, but they are their own Josef Goebbels.

  2. Check the facts. The Dems own the house and senate till Dec 31. They can do what they well please.

    And who are those mega rich people. Go read the graduated tax scale. A married couple making 367K per is year is mega rich. 367K is the starting income for the highest, yes highest tax rate. If we were talking people making a million bucks a year...I guess I would term mega rich. But 367K/year is the threshold you hand over a third to our spending gov't.

    Start looking at the facts.


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