Tuesday, November 2, 2010


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  1. We Europeans (superior beings :-)) will never understand you Americans (inferior beings :-)). Why did you all vote for the tea party, as you call it? Doesn't Obama satisfy you? Why don't you want to have free health care for everyone, instead of costly private insurances only for wealthy people? You want less taxes but then you spend all your money on the army and on warfare. Ain't you all stupid? We don't do these things in Europe! And who was it that caused the big financial crisis in 2008 that eventually led to the current economic crisis which is affecting the whole world? Always you bloody Americans!
    We really don't understand you. I think the fault is of the American protestant ideology. Money is the only thing that matters for you, since Calvinus said it was a blessing (how blasphemous when we read the Gospel)and fostered the development of modern capitalism, together with the ideology of the "self-made man" (strong
    individualism). All this is unacceptable to us Catholics in Europe. We will never share these ideas. Thus on the 2 sides of the Atlantic, things will always be different, and I definitely prefer old Europe! Although we too, especially here in Italy, have our own problems (we still haven't managed to get rid of Berlusconi!). I know that you, Mr. Slabber, oppose the Republicans, so this doesn't apply to you, I suppose. Have a nice day, or morning or evening, whatever it is over there in the New World.

  2. After Geo Bush was elected for a second term a British newspaper published a blaring headline that went something like this, "How Could 52,314,598 People Be So Stupid?". Well, it's happened again. Ever since Obama was elected there has been an undercurrent of racism that has surfaced and many tolerate. The tea party seems to attract this type who is also usually anti gay. The media fuels it all and I hate to say it but IQ levels are questionable too. Lots of religion comes with the Republican party and with it - FEAR. And if there's one thing the Republicans do well, besides mastering the art of getting public money funneled to private corporations, it's creating fear and getting people to believe it. Not all of us voted for the tea party or even Republicans. Anyway, I live in San Francisco and we live in a world all our own. Come and visit.


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