Friday, September 17, 2010

Quax populi


Predominant opinions are generally the opinions of the generation that is vanishing.
-- Benjamin Disraeli

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  1. I won't be sure this is true until two days after election day and I can see, without question, the Tea Partiers have brought down the GOP. I hope it works out that way...but I honestly do not trust the American people to do right, anymore.

  2. Read the Founding Documents and learn something, or just stick to pictures of beautiful men and forego the political commentary. It saddens me to see you demonize your opponents, a la Alinsky, rather than to substantively discuss their arguments. If you have real ideas and counter-arguments, then by all means, start another blog for that and pontificate at will. Please spare us the juvenile punditry.

  3. I want to thanks cwarrenrobertson for his comment, for it allowed me to look at his profile and observe the kind of nonsense and total crap he is spouting on his laughable multiplicity of blogs. I will now redouble my efforts to fight against such idiots who are destroying America with their toally misguided forms of bizarre ignorance. And, by the way, you should read about Saul Alinksy and actually learn something.

  4. Could I say, that what's heartening about Disraeli's maxim is not so much in what it observes - the same facts can be stated to support the precisely contrary conclusion - but in how it observes them. This perspective is an act of courage which is difficult to summon without such sustaining, exemplary elegance.

    This is not all that is lacking in the 2nd comment, but it is so strikingly absent that one has to remark. I have to confess to serious grievance with the principle that an appreciation of "beautiful men" is possible to segregate from humane responses to the their existence. It's tragic that the writer cannot sense the acute hostility toward them in his demand.


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