Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Punched tickets

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  1. this last beauty - What an ADONIS !!!

  2. Lucien, I don't know what the words mean, but I'm at your disposal to second the punctuation. Holy bleeding tits, who on earth is safe from this marauding manbreast, tormenting - yea, scourging - one's dreams till the end of time? And this isn't even to address the neo-Mannerist tummy of the risen lord, the very same hand that languished all these years at David's hip, and deltoids molded from the dome of Sacré Coeur. Lucien, this is not difficulty; this is not irritation; this is not even trouble, in the usual and most dreaded sense. This is betrayal, of the universal compact not to coalesce all of the features of divinity in a single, mortal frame. Now, you and I have been careful not to do that; sacrificial, I might say, in your case. But how are we to undo this plainly insupportable security threat to our entire civilisation, without, you know, an extra helping of flan? And which of us shall have that on his conscience?


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