Thursday, May 6, 2010


Joseph Sayers

with Benjamin Godfre

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  1. ben and joseph together? my gay prayers have been answered!

  2. I wish I was the horse Mr. Sayers was riding....... ;)

  3. So do these guys make money from doing these photos? Joseph and Ben have been photographed so much, but it seems like it's all gay-oriented body work, etc. What's in it for them? Do they get paid? Not complaining, just curious.

    Gorgeous, original photos, too. Very nice.

  4. MAN ON MAN work is Joseph's next logical step .
    Thanks for this god of male beauty

  5. Now, that would one hell of a twosome!

  6. I know Ben makes good money modeling for Timateo - both pictures and runway. It's how he's paying for his pre-med education. Here's a video he did at that recent shoot:

    Hi Slabber. This neat video might be worth a separate posting.

  7. Yummy--especially the middle photo.


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