Wednesday, April 21, 2010


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  1. Does our host care to comment on why, probably for the first time in the life of this blog and that of its ancestors, the blond in the window enters the catalogue with a 3rd letter from the Roman alphabet in sequence with the numerals? If this reflects merely the exhaustion of permutations available within previous limits, I shouldn't wonder, so prodigious has been the invention here (at two digits of 10 options per slot and two letters at 26 - or is it 24? - would you run that out for us, Lucien?).

    If, however, as the immediate resumption of the standard system suggests, this "extra" letter (all consonants) is something other than a convenient instrument for accelerating access to the data in this file by countless precious nanoseconds, I, for one, would be fascinated to know what that might be. Not to pry, naturally.

    Because this blond signifies almost horrifyingly, that reality which moved Fitzgerald (whom we know you not to overpraise) to remark on that singular curiosity of the rich: they are simply fucking god damned different. Or, they used to be; and this boy seems wholly to place that human need for something mortally distinguishable quite squarely where it belongs, and fix that standard in the bargain.

    Name me somebody who wouldn't take a middle fingertip and lightly trace his clavicle once, from throat to shoulder, and save himself a trip to the Medici tombs of Michelangelo, and I will listen to the denial that his 3 consonants mean a thing.

  2. Well, one good fluke deserves another, as any Melvillian will tell you, and here they both slap the surface of coincidence with emphatic play.

  3. I do feel badly for Anon. We all saw "Good Will Hunting," we all know the agony of observing the dispatch of a theorem representing a conundrum for centuries: we seem to have to walk through fire to concede, without reluctance, the existence of the unexpected in the very body of the desired. That this boy strikes him as in that class is not worse than any other opinion he might state, but it does explain its wretched length. :)

  4. Ah, yes, length. One wonders.


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