Friday, March 19, 2010

Witness protection

Craig Malozzi

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  1. The second frame contains most of the great portrait of Malozzi, the only exposure yet published which does justice to his qualities. I don't mean to suggest that the facial virtues of an Erik Bunten and the physical lusciousness of an Edilson Nascimento need turn our heads, merely for being integrated in a single image. Who would dream of advancing such a solecism, where redundancy is "news," and where every recollection of their distinguishable beauty is, to put it mildly, only heartening?

    But this is not true of Malozzi, who is unutterably marvelous only where manifestly engaging us, directly, whence every instinct and every discernment congeal in profoundest concentration on the slightest prospect of his solace.

    Here, that thigh corresponds so perfectly with the hapless gorgeousness of his other gifts, and contrasts so sweetly with the reserve, if not alarm toward our response that we note in his eyes, and virile jaw, that we know we are borne upon him as a privilege of his making, which is magnificent. Gorgeous baby.

  2. My gaydar is truly crappy, but this handsome guy pings it. Am I the only one who notices this? (Since it's crappy, I don't trust myself, and I'm honestly curious to know if I'm alone in my assessment.)


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