Sunday, March 21, 2010


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  1. Surprise: incendiary gestures CAN make incendiary pictures. This was one of the leading inter-blog meltdown pictures of 2009, so some of its prodigal steam may have dissipated by now. Otherwise, your server had better be geared for a krakatoa of comment. The guy who made it is such a decent photographer, he's probably ticked off by all the fuss for one of his throwaway concoctions, but he'll probably get it, eventually.

  2. This significant picture has about it, an instinct for the genius of the moment and for the avalanche of time. Wonderfully composed to appeal to youth, in the electricity of the observer's redoubling of its signature gesture, it is destined equally to accompany memory of those states which youth is too blind to comprehend as perfection, and exalts merely as its own rhetoric. I love this picture, and I accept its gift with gratitude. It belongs to my life.


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