Sunday, March 28, 2010

Clothes horse

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  1. HOT hairy legs and hole WOOF!!

  2. "Let's go home, Debbie." Remember those words of John Wayne to Natalie Wood in "The Searchers," GM? Sure you do. Sweeping her up from the dust in an image Godard thought the finest in all cinema, he closed two great circles of pain and longing in a single gesture.

    Our lad's been through a lot. Right now, we're so glad he's back with us, we just give thanks to have the suckiest godblond screamsnatch in all the painted desert of the internet, to haul home across our saddle. One thing at a time?

    Really, one of the very most beloved pictures ever to make it to the web, and I'd lost track of it. Everything GM says, goes for the whole miracle.


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