Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mrs. Hot Air

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  1. Thanks for the morning laugh! - Montana Cowboy

  2. Over the weekend, Frank Rich cautioned against this sort of jest, on the basis that it thrills her fans to share in her victimisation. On the other hand George Will wrote convincingly today, that she'd lose the Party 44 States if she were nominated; but while this argues persuasively against dread of her nomination, it ignores the fact that she will define the nominee by the gravitational power of her base. We are literally watching the next candidate of that Party, in all but name. All things being equal, I'd rather stir outrage with her deceptions, which the ultimate nominee will be sworn to share, than contempt for inadequacies she has shown to be beyond emulation. And heaven knows, humour can do that, but not this way.


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