Sunday, January 10, 2010


You have to deal with the fact that your life is your life.
-- Alex Haley

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  1. hello superbe blog
    pics formidable du tres bon tavail
    un plaisirs a voyager sur ton blog bravo
    je me permet de t'ajouter dans mes favorit
    lorenzzo a+++

  2. Undoubtedly that is what terrifies one the most: the spontaneous presentation of a jock in flight in broad daylight. The destabilising of a context of predictability is possibly more tormenting than the fleeting bestowal of flat-out carnal irritation, which one can regulate with one's gaze in likely venues, such as a gym or (heaven help us) this blog. Anyone who resides anywhere near a college, however, is half-accustomed to these raids upon one's nerves, and will know how treacherous they are, even in that gray area of known peril.

  3. Sean Cody's "Patrick" and the droopy guy are manageable disruptions - the one, I admit, only by virtue of sustained practice - but Esteban in denim disencumberment inflicts a crisis of the spirit. How the gods decided to allocate that leg to someone here does make one wonder if they deserve their heaven.

  4. patrick is my favorite sean cody boy.


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