Friday, January 22, 2010

Still time

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  1. Great series of pics and a thought-provoking poll. Thanks for all your efforts.


  2. Nicholas, often signed as LaurentJanuary 23, 2010 at 8:45 PM

    Yes, I hadn't noticed the poll before remarking above on the kid in the aquamarine panties. The poll is cordially demure in its categories of reservation, to no one's reasonable surprise -- the point being, the cataclysmically unremitting inadequacy of the regime cited in the survey. I'd like to turn to another survey.

    I'd like to ask which one of the human beings depicted in the shelter of this candid series is not entitled to the Equal Protection of the Laws in this country, whose chief and -- may we be blunt? -- only enforcement officer is the Executive. Now, I know the panic that arises in every breast, over a self-referential standard of judgment of one's self-government, so smashed and anathematised is such a point of view except for bankers, golfers, shopkeepers, merchants in arms, fanatics, panderers, procurers, soccer moms, Babbits, and prostitutes in this, the ostensible domicile of the rights of man (even if unincorporated).

    So, OK. Whom, in the foregoing gallery, do we emancipate, if anyone? And, if anyone, who is going to hold the clay of the fucking feet of this regime to the fire of his right?

    And when.

    I'm very grateful for this blog, and I urge its participation in what must be a storm of outrage for our people.


  3. I like the first guy. He looks to be all
    business. I like that in a man.


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