Monday, January 25, 2010


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  1. Oh the beautiful flat stomach on number 2. That's the kind of pillow where I've always wanted to rest my head. But number 3 is one of the most beautiful boys I've seen in a long time. Could well have been Photoshopped out of existence.

  2. This is not a commercial announcement.

    I am gratefully in support of the foregoing comment. It speaks for itself without one's saying this, but it's authentically estimable. That said, I am very psyched, to contemplate the integration of one's delectation of this blog, with one's ambulatory (or is the word, migratory?) reading. Imagine, being able to resort to this handsome posting, in full format, between chapters or dialogues or stanzas in Stendhal, Fitzgerald, Shakespeare. Of course, we could say, Proust, but he comes with his own visions. But think of Hemingway's passion for fairness, Twain's for innocence, Faulkner's for gorgeousness, James' (dare one risk the reference here) for comprehension. Dare to think of the resort to this blog with a tap of the fingertip to summon it where it appositely belongs in reading any of these men's work. It's an iPad opportunity.


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