Thursday, January 28, 2010

Le petit déjeuner

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  1. A pose that inevitably channels one's thoughts to pleasuring a certain part of this lad's anatomy.

  2. I agree this pose is AWESOME - I love a man laid out like food on a table

  3. Is Nascimento the highest-priced spread on the market these days? I shouldn't wonder, because he has wrought his career with canny salesmanship. I liked this portrait in colour a bit more than this, because the digital medium lacks the texture in highlights to avoid excessive shine in monochrome, unless originally balanced for it. Still, the table between the calves is very solid, and considering that it needs to be, that is heartening.

  4. For those interested in comparing the two versions, the color version is available at

    L-- you may be right about the texture of the highlights, but the b/w version leaves more to the imagination--Emily Dickinson's lines about the seductiveness of the veil are apropos here. This picture invites one to insert oneself into its tale, and the relative lack of visible detail and the prominence of the shadows in the b/w version facilitate that. Good photography should be appreciated and applauded, but do we visit The Slab solely for ascetic reasons? Are there not other, more insistent reasons that we avail ourselves of The Slabber's excellent eye and willingness to troll countless websites to select the best for our viewing pleasures? I must confess that I find myself stirred by The Slabber's collections for less than intellectual reasons. I submit that the primary attraction of this image is the placement of the body on the table (notice the slightly worn edge of the board visible between his ankles--what has this table been used for?) and the way that the legs direct the eye to the butt. In the b/w version, the dark at the top of the triangle formed by the legs engenders far more thoughts and invites one to imagine a story far more successfully than the color version with its coral-colored briefs visible between the legs. The Slabber's decision to post the b/w version is an invitation to narrative and further proof, were any needed, of his taste and wisdom.


  5. I have never held this space's postings to be a test of the blogger's eye, any more than I'd have thought it possible to come here for "ascetic" reasons, so I compliment you on these notions. I hadn't thought, either, that the posting of a monochrome image (from the same set whose colour images have been posted, not that it matters), represented any sort of didactic intent. But I don't know that I would dream of resorting to the vanishing vestige of one's imagination which is left by an incendiary portrait of a hottie on a plank, whether in colour or monochrome, to prove anyone's "taste and wisdom." His hospitality, yes; and I think we're discussing the same thing. :)


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