Sunday, January 31, 2010

Discreet understandings

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  1. With this set of images, not to ignore the others, I didn't see any way around asking the unusual but most obvious question, what is it all for? Why on earth would anyone so much as dream of checking in at a guyblog on a regular basis? To be sure of not missing yet another goddy guywaist or guyface?

    Well. I know I wouldn't, and don't, but for the capacity of such images to draw a clientele with whom some intercourse is possible, on these matters of glad interest. But plainly this is not the prevailing motive. Suppose, then, one were simply holding out for an acceptable incarnation of one's dreams.

    The problem with that is, I've already seen the portrait of Brent van Sant on the rooftop, squinting slightly against the light with his arms crossed in front of the stairwell vents; and although I'm happy to see so many models of stiff upper lip, striding before the lens for their day on the blogs, I can't say they really have to do that. And this group struck me with this question because it is an exceedingly pleasing bunch of guys. Is there no one else who's willing to say to them, "School's out" . . ?



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