Sunday, December 6, 2009

Singing, Here we go again

Give me reason but don't give me choice
-- James Blunt, "Same Mistake"

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  1. Have the children gone to bed?

    The rotation of the hips in the first portrait lends very elegant relief to the crotch, if one may say so; but I have to admit that the litheness of the legs in the second portrait is just cruelly convincing. I usually make it a practice to avoid blue eyes in this hair colour, because of a chill and distance we never see when the eyes are brown, coupled with the infallibly more opulent skin of that genetic stripe. Rarely, then, but impressively, the greater paleness and tendency toward reddening in sun of the blue-eyed blond can make up for his aloofness and austerity with just enough incentive, to endure these attributes. I think he's prettier 'n one has any right to expect in this second picture, and I am completely subscribed to his suggestion in the first. From my point of view, further, this is a radiantly satisfactory body. I would hate to see it amassed.

    Not that anybody asked :)


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