Sunday, December 13, 2009


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  1. He's finished. He should never, ever, EVer have let it be known, he can be so cute as in the first picture. There he'll be, at a corner table with his fiancée at La Grenouille, cowering behind the roses, and he'll be mobbed to undress and snap his panties. He'll be testifying before the Senate Select Committee on Tummy (for all I know), and the Chair will cup her hand over the microphone and hiss, "Pssst!! See me after!" His grandchildren, fergoshsakes, will climb all over him and leap up and down on his lap (may we say this, in a family blog?) and squeal, "Gaddy, go snappy o please o please."

    Now, doing oiled-and-sultry in a hoodie is not going to get even his barber to ask for an autograph. But he just toasted his life with this shot. He'd better get used to marmalade.


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