Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The most radical revolutionary will become a conservative
the day after the revolution.

-- Hannah Arendt
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  1. How disgusting that she's right...not that Obama ever was a true revolutionary. But then, I didn't vote FOR him; I voted against the GOP. I'm still disappointed in his spinelessness and lack of leadership but not devastated as were some of my friends who were fool enough to think he was the second coming of JFK or FDR or something.

  2. Popular as he was, JFK was no FDR, either. It was Lyndon Johnson who actually enacted most of the truly liberal legislation. JFK is remembered, but if you actually go back and examine the history you'll see that the assassination was what imprinted him so strongly on people's memories.

  3. Proof that America is so manly that it has a dick long enough to fuck itself!


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