Monday, December 7, 2009


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  1. I'd give a fortune to work on those fabulous tight tit nips

  2. And I, to darken the pale ones. No, but seriously, R7, isn't this third lad a delirium trigger on two feet? Of course one leaps to offer him a permanent subsidy to immunise him from a squalid life of modeling, but then again, one rather hopes he'll drive up in a Lamborghini in a year or two, and rescue us all for a life of illuminating his biography.

  3. Mon cher Laurent,

    I absolutely knew that third pic would make you a little bit happy, though I did not expect thoughts of delirium. BTW, it took me quite a while to adjust the quality of that photo, the original of which I discovered, unfortunately, in color, er, rather, off-color.

  4. O to have been the mousepad treated to these restoring gestures! :)


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