Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Go to your window right now


  1. Immortal flick. Heartbreaking for boys who have a crush on William Holden (or is that redundant), but he was heroic, even so (or is that redundant).

    By the way, Sir. What became of the King's advice from Lewis Carroll, which used to foot this page? By peradventure I was looking for it just now. I think it fits Mr Finch's greatness as a kind of balm.

  2. Laurent,
    The King's advice is still there at the bottom of this page (at least when viewed in Firefox). One reason I stopped using MSFT Explorer is that it kept cutting off the bottom of this blog.

  3. In some ways this 30 year-old movie is so prescient it's frightening (& heartbreaking)...................

    - RedCedar

  4. Quite right! RC, the fear, here, is that it would not be thought very creative today, drained of all improbability, shock, horror and outrage as the facts of our time essentially embody its vision. I know this is what you meant but I can't believe the sound of saying that one of the most scandalous cultural fantasies of its own brutal political climate is now simply about an obtuse guy, and really cool lady who gets a bit stressed out.


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