Thursday, October 1, 2009


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  1. It's his Trail that needs a good lickin' YUM!!

  2. I've heard of "wearing it on your sleeve," but never the entire Loire Valley and its dulcet tributaries on one's delt. And what a barge this surely is, to take one there, through Chambord in the pit and Chenonceau beneath the clavicle, and on to Vaux where you'd expect. I cannot dream of not embarking right away - the crayfish tint of coral, a riparian delight; the raspberry tint of native Chinon upon the lips; the blackish ink to fill one's diary, the ecru tummy patient for inscriptions to be limned. There is no time, like the present with this lad. On y va.

    Damn if these people don't come up with guys!


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