Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Strands of DNA

Be substantially great in thyself, and more than thou appearest unto others.
-- Sir Thomas Browne (1605 - 1682)

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  1. I'm heartened to think that Browne, himself, would applaud the appointment of Mr Farrell as my Preceptor in Geometry, almost as much as I do, considering that he's the one who exposed my weakness in that discipline. I do remember hearing how perspective can distort the appearance of any immaculate sphere, inscribed on the surface of a section of another, into an elliptical illusion unless addressed directly on axis. But I don't know why this is, and so I don't know why the spectacle of Mr Farrell's guypads lead to such vertiginous effects, on the strength of apparent visual inconsistencies in their ornamenting features. There are corollary elements of orbital disturbance to be explained, and I'm anxious to comprehend them all.

    I am instructed to bring my protractor to this study, but I find it to be most acutely with me, on its own recognisance. Surely, Mr Farrell's can arbitrate any discrepancy of measurement; I shall be enthralled to receive its findings.


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