Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Prime time

for glen_mc

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  1. Now, lissen up, Glen & Lucien. Considering what we've got on our hands here, there's no reason not to run off and start our own herd somewhere, ya know? Loyalty being what it is, though, there's this prospect: we could arrange maybe a lend-lease or triangular trade, say, one of Glen's "woof's" for maybe 2 of my "aw's," or half of Lucien's "whoa's." Still, I wouldn't want any cracker crumbs on my "aw's," you understand, but I know you'd see to their education with no prompting from here. They simply have to be kept busy, as you know, or they'll start reading Golding or pestering each other or, can you stand it, tweeting. If they please you, it's perfectly OK to shower them with Porsches, but please, we have an agreement: no more than one necklace per Aw. I really can't stand all that clanking, I half keep expecting an udder.


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