Monday, September 21, 2009

Paradigm shift

I'm not just sitting here sketching ponies, Charlie.
-- Dr. Linda Freeman (Jane Lynch)

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  1. i know i should be focusing on the exquisite booty show, but i'm so in love with Jane Lynch!!! Love her!

  2. Now those are two of the most amazing asses I've ever seen. I want to slip right in!

  3. Living in rural Dixie, one has absolutely no acquaintance with contemporary life, unless (from time to time) someone tosses a life preserver, to taste the lastest fizz.

    Her marvelousness does not trickle down, as Mr Stockman warned, it might very well not. But she lives, so she must not have shown up in Aristophanes, although she sounds as if she did. I'd put her in Stoppard, but again the "living" thing gets in the way. Then who IS this vestal bitch, and did she say this to Charles Gibson, none too soon on his way out the door? Anyway, Kevin, I implore your mercy, send me a url to her latest bleat.

    Whew. Now, then. We have this terrible problem with numbers, down here, owing to the scarcity of our improvements. We actually count the Ground Floor as 1, rather than 0, and by this system I get 3 of those amiable features MR mentions, unless you care to divide them in half as many of us do. But universally, I should think, every semblance of the succour and solace of Home is sequestered in them all, and with so much aplomb of amenity as to take one's breath away.


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