Monday, September 7, 2009

Le salon

Do I have to explain the difference between
a decorator and a pimp again?

-- Grace Adler

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  1. WOW who is the one laid back on the bed in this last shot - that is succulent and erotic - and those pointy tits are like mountain peaks

  2. To be steep is one thing, to be steeped is another. Randy Shepard/Kristoffer Ryan has turned his gaze on me.

  3. I'd like to find one like the first one in my bed WOOF!!

  4. Shucks, Glen. What happened to finding him and clubbing him in the street in broad daylight? What happened to grabbing him 'n' standing him up under a lamp post, now that you mention it? 'Course, you got a busier bed than most city streets, so it wouldn't hurt to check there first, I guess. :)


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