Saturday, August 29, 2009

And there is nothing to be guilty of

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  1. Is the name of the lead goddy an anagram for "modesty," with two r's provided for obvious reasons? If so, I'd be pleased to vote him a third, because I think it's needed. Noooo one is permitted to be that perfected, however, unless he thinks he is, himself, as in the case of the infamous and probably correct autocelebrant in the final frame. Which is why I so much welcome the middle guy's standing in for desire, or lying for it as the case may be, or kneeling or rolling over. He leads by example: his posture gives a good account of it, while scattering the rest among all who look upon him.

  2. The 1st dude is PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT !

  3. gotta tellya, Lucien ~

    "this land was made for you and me"


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